Open Source Incident management system

Centralized management of alerts from monitoring systems, with the ability to reduce noise, automate actions and enhance valuable information

Our advantages


Receive an alert from the monitoring system


Enrich and verify the severity of the problem


Inform or run automation flow to fix the problem


Postmortem incident analysis to prevent the issue

We can assist you in enhancing the monitoring within your organization

Given the rapid pace of development and the demands for our products, it is essential that we have the ability to quickly identify and address critical issues, or even anticipate and prevent them from occurring. Failure to do so can result in significant financial losses and a loss of customers

A centralized location for identifying, investigating, and resolving production incidents

Integrations with monitoring
systems and channels

Integrate all your monitoring and event generation applications with Harp, enabling you to take action and collaborate seamlessly across your existing tools

Different scenario for each type of event

In order to maintain the stability of your system, various actions may need to be taken in production. Our solution allows you to create these scenarios, automates standard actions, and provides statistics and reports on the health of your system

Harpia solutions


Speed up the process of root cause analysis

Production events

Detect, investigate and resolve events on production environment much faster

One Place

Consolidate events from multiple monitoring systems


All your tech teams (DevOps, Ops, NOC, R&D) can work together in the same system


Create a scenario for each production event


The built-in report provides the statistics for your notifications

Also we can provide

Team consulting

We can consult you and your team member on monitoring topics. It will improve all your layers – infrastructure, application, business, client.

Evaluate your monitoring infrastructure

Evaluate the maturity of your infrastructure and provide a detailed report.

Monitoring training for your teams

Build the monitoring architecture is only 50% of success. Another 50% is to show how to use it.

Provide unique monitoring platforms

We have developed a unique platform that will help you to be more stable

Integrations with monitoring
systems and channels

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With us, your monitoring will give you maximum efficiency.

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